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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Our Professional Gardening Services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Are you dreaming of having a beautiful and attractive garden that adds colour and life to your outdoor space? At United Facility Service, we understand the value of having a well-maintained garden that reflects your personality and style. We offer premium gardening services in Kathmandu that will transform your outdoor space and will make it full of natural beauty.

Gardening Service

Gardening Services in Kathmandu

United Facility Service is a certified and insured gardening service company in Kathmandu. We provide you with a wide range of related services- lawn mowing, weeding, garden clean up, hedge trimming, pruning, and others. If you are looking for a reliable agency to entrust with your gardening duties, you are in the right place. We offer you prompt and dependable services at reasonable prices. With our expert team, your garden will always be taken care of. You do not have to stress about the appearance of your outdoor space. Find the best deals on gardening with us at budget-friendly prices. We present custom garden maintenance plans that meet your requirements. W provide the following professional gardening services : 

Lawn CareWe provide services like mowing, trimming, edging, and fertilizing the lawn to keep it healthy and looking at it’s best.

Planting and PruningWe provide selection and planting new plants, trees, and shrubs, as well as pruning and shaping existing ones to maintain their health and appearance.

Landscape Design: Landscape Design includes creating a detailed plan for the outdoor space, including the layout, planting schemes, and hardscape features such as walkways, patios, and retaining walls.

Irrigation: We can ensure the proper installation of watering system so that your plants and grass can get appropriate amount of water

Garden Maintenance: Our garden maintenance service includes tasks such as weeding, mulching, and fertilizing to keep the garden beds healthy and free of pests and diseases.

Tree Care: We also provide services like trimming and removal of trees to maintain their proper health and prevent any safety hazards.Seasonal Services: Our seasonal services include leaf removal in fall and spring-cleaning facility for the upcoming growing season.

Garden Consultation: This involves meeting with customers to discuss their gardening requirements and providing recommendations and guidance on how to achieve their targeted results.

Organic Gardening: This is a service that emphasizes the use of organic methods and products to promote sustainability and reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the garden.

Providing The Best Gardening Services in Kathmandu

At our agency, we intend to provide our esteemed clients with high-quality gardening services in Kathmandu. We boast an expert team of gardeners who have the skills, training, and experience in gardening and landscaping. Our gardening specialists use a customer-centric approach to rendering the facility. We listen to your requirements and work on each gardening project with feedback and focus on continuous improvement. The members will get back to your queries and cater to your demands. No matter how big or small your garden is, we use the latest technologies and methods to ensure our job matches your requirements. Whether you want an expert to develop the design of your garden or maintain the existing one, we are just a call away. Our team renders both emergencies as well as scheduled services.

Why Us For Expert Gardening Services?

Are you looking for some expert guidance to renovate your garden ? Look no further! Our professional gardening services offer a wide range of facilities to keep your garden looking its best. So, why choose us for your gardening needs?

In over a decade’s experience in this field, we have to offer a comprehensive range of services for gardening. We are a team of expert gardeners who have years of experience in providing a variety of gardening services to our customers. Our gardening service company at Kathmandu was set up to take care of both commercial and residential properties. We believe in keeping our valued clients happy, so we work on giving exceptional standards for our service. We use modern gardening tools and equipment to ensure that your garden receives the best care possible. Our team is also knowledgeable about different plants and their specific needs, which allows us to provide expert advice on how to maintain and care for your garden. We guarantee you exceptional gardening services here at Kathmandu at the most affordable and cheapest pricesIn addition, we understand the importance of eco-friendliness, which is why we use environmentally friendly gardening practices and products to minimize our impact on the environment. Call Us Today To Design Your Dream Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with garden design and planning?

Absolutely, our team can assist you with garden design and planning to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Do you provide ongoing garden maintenance services?

Yes, we offer regular garden maintenance services to keep your garden looking its best throughout the year.

Are your gardening services available for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, our gardening services are available for both residential and commercial properties.

Do you offer organic or eco-friendly gardening practices?

Yes, we prioritize organic and eco-friendly gardening practices to promote a healthy and sustainable environment.

What seasonal tasks are included in your gardening services?

Our seasonal gardening tasks include planting seasonal flowers, pruning, mulching, and preparing the garden for winter or spring.

Are your gardeners trained in horticulture and landscaping?

Yes, our gardeners are trained professionals with expertise in horticulture and landscaping.

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