Soil, dust particles, microbes, and Bacteria on the floor covering are one of the principal reasons that cause viral infections and illnesses in the house. The carpet is one of the most utilized and perhaps the dirtiest things inside the house. You should clean both your floor coverings and carpets time and again to make your home look perfect and sterile as it is a vital part of everyone’s home. You can use many ways to clean your carpets and coverings to get rid of stains, dust, smut, and soil, for appearance, and to exclude allergens.

We at United Cleaning Facility can save you from displacing your floor coverings or carpet before it’s needed. Assuming you have a carpet in your office or home, you realize the costs engaged with keeping up with it and keeping it clean. We promise you that rugs look great, enhance your property, and will give your home an extraordinary initial feeling. Proficient rug steam cleaning, heated water extraction, and general rug support will likewise assist with keeping your home or office smell free.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

For homes with a very low number of members, vacuuming your home one time each week and getting a profound rug cleaning 4 times a year will keep your home and carpets in great condition.

For homes with a medium amount of family members, conceivably little families with kids, vacuuming on more than one occasion per week and getting a profound rug cleaning 4-7 times a year get the job done.

Homes with a heavier measure of traffic and soil, particularly families with old members, pets, and smokers, may require extra vacuuming and cover cleaning to decrease the soil, dust, muck, mire, residue, and allergens soaking your rug. We prescribe vacuuming 2 to 3 times each week and getting your rug profoundly cleaned each 7-8 times a year to keep your family perfect, blissful, and solid.

Finally, very enormous families with various pets, a lot of kids and old family members, and weighty soil will most likely take advantage from day to day vacuuming and a profound cleaning each 8-12 times a year. With all the soil, residue, and allergens being conveyed into your home, deep carpet cleanings will keep your rug in great condition, and keep your home clean and your family cheerful and sound.

How We Clean Your Carpets? 

The most common way of cleaning floor coverings involves the utilization of strong scouring brushes, vacuuming pull machines, cleaning arrangements, and dusters. While cleaning a floor.

Covering, we infuse the combination of your favored cleaning arrangement into the rug’s filaments. Thus, it relaxes the grim and stains, empowering simple cleaning and brushing. Whenever we brush or clean out the soil and stains from the rug, we then vacuum and attract the dust-out. Cover cleanings or carpet cleanings can be profound or simply careful. Careful cleaning eliminates every one of the noticeable stains and dust while deep or profound cleaning works in eliminating every one of the imperceptible soil particles, including little food pieces, skin cells, and dust grains from the surface level as well extensively.

These little grime, smut, patches, and microdust particles can’t be eliminated through a vacuum. Profound cleaning is done altogether to help eliminate those soil pieces, which, on the off chance that are not eliminated ahead of time, help accelerate the rug’s mileage.

Professional carpet cleaning includes the following process;

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Sanitizing or Deodorizing
  • Rinsing and Extracting with Hot Water
  • Post Inspecting The Carpets


Keeping your floor coverings clean is your center liability. We believe that they should stay clean and smell new all through. We also believe that your rugs should serve you for a long time. The main way to make that feasible is to get the rugs cleaned by an expert sometimes. By employing our expert rug cleaning administration from United facility services (Best and Affordable Cleaning Company in Kathmandu, Nepal), you can be ensured of a neat and tidy carpet which promotes a healthier environment for both you and your family to live in. CONTACT US today !

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