Soil and Bacteria on the floor covering, dust particles on hallways, dirty restrooms, and an unhygienic kitchen are one of the principal reasons that cause illnesses in both our house and offices. Here at United Facility Services, we offer trustworthy, five-star commercial cleaning services that you can enjoy in the confidence of your timing. We are the best Cleaning service organization with experience working with more than 150 clients throughout Nepal.

Our work depends on your necessities and prerequisites with our comprehensive tried strategy to assemble your unique cleaning plan and apply it routinely. Commercial cleaning incorporates the essentials of daily cleaning like cleaning the restrooms, office spaces, halls, the kitchen, and furnishings. Then, at that point, it goes to a degree like cleaning the baseboards or, in any event, moving things far removed to clean behind or under them. For instance, a cleaning group might move extensive equipment or furniture to clean. Each staff at United Facility Services is prepared to be capable of the complete, customized commercial cleaning services we offer. Just reverent, kind individuals will guarantee you settle on a decent choice picking us as your specialist organization.

Why is Commercial Cleaning Necessary?

A perfectly sanitized office space limits the spread of infection. It lifts the well-being of employees by a significant amount which results in expansion of efficiency while likewise diminishing absenteeism. Janitorial administrations like surface cleaning, restroom cleaning, sterilization, and sanitization techniques can assist with halting the spread of microbes. Visitors will have an initial positive feeling of your office, your items or administrations, and a general sense of quality.

Whether drawing in and keeping quality representatives or sending your clients the message that you care about quality, successful office cleaning influences your client’s mood.UFC can guarantee a solid workplace and contract the spread of sickness that can expand non-attendance and lower efficiency. We center around subtleties enormous and small to keep your workplaces spotless, disinfected, and liberated from microorganisms, limiting the spread of sickness. Besides, clean bathrooms, shining floors, perfect lounges, and meeting rooms are essential regions where cleanness truly matters.


By hiring our commercial cleaning administrations, you can be sure your office is reliably spotless, leaving you free time to focus exclusively on business. Our office cleaners are expertly prepared through our board certifies training program. For the strength of your workers and the outcome of your business, a sound and sanitized office play a significant role. CONTACT US today to learn more about the cleaning services we provide.

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