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Make Your Floors Look New Again with Our Professional Parquet Services in Kathmandu, Nepal

For all kinds of flooring, our team of skilled professionals have years of expertise offering excellent parquet services. We have the knowledge and resources to provide amazing outcomes that go above and beyond your expectations, whether you require a full restoration or a simple repair. You may receive the best parquet cleaning service from United Facility Service for the lowest price on the market. CONTACT US today to enjoy our services !

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What Are Parquet Floors?

Parquet floors are a type of flooring made up of small pieces of wood that are arranged in a decorative pattern, often resembling a mosaic. The wood pieces are typically glued to a subfloor and then sanded and finished to create a smooth surface. Parquet floors are known for their durability and unique visual appeal.

How Should You Maintain Parquet Floors? 

Parquet flooring seems very easy to maintain, you can use vacuum cleaners/mop for routine cleaning. Nevertheless, you should hire professionals for deep cleaning as well as polishing. You must seek expert assistance for the long life and better appearance of the wooden flooring. If you are looking for specialists to handle such a job, contact our parquet cleaning and polishing company in Kathmandu. We work with professional cleaners who understand the nature of parquet and clean & polish its different types.

Best Parquet Cleaning And Polishing Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

We present you with the best offers on parquet cleaning & polishing services at Kathmandu at low and affordable prices. Our facilities are ready for both commercial and residential spaces. Our main emphasis is your satisfaction; we listen to your specification to provide the best value for your money. We are famous for rendering exceptional service for all kinds of timbers.

United Facility Service offers you high-quality services in Kathmandu. Our team consists of specialists who know how to clean & polish parquet floors to perfection. You do not have to stress about any damage to your space with our superior service quality. The experts at our company have the essential training, experience & skills to assist you with your demands. Our workers are certified and licensed for this job; we believe in superior customer service.

Why Us For Expert Parquet Cleaning And Polishing in Kathmandu ?

United Facility Service is a licensed cleaning and maintenance agency based in Kathmandu. We have a team of certified experts who are highly skilled and experienced at this job. Our team pays attention to your requirements and makes sure the work outcome matches your specifications. Our services are available for you at budget-friendly prices. We give special care to your property and guarantee you an excellent result. The experts leave no stones unturned to provide you customer-friendly service. We utilize modern techniques and tools for a reliable and prompt facility. Call us today to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your parquet polishing and cleaning services suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we cater to both residential and commercial properties, providing thorough parquet polishing and cleaning services.

Do you provide sealing or refinishing services after parquet polishing and cleaning?

Yes, we offer you optional sealing or refinishing services to enhance the longevity and protect the polished parquet flooring.

Can you remove scratches and restore the shine of parquet flooring?

Yes, our specialized techniques and products allow us to effectively remove scratches and restore the shine of parquet floors.

Do you offer maintenance tips for preserving the polished finish of parquet flooring?

Yes, we provide helpful maintenance tips and recommend proper cleaning techniques and products to help you maintain the polished finish of your parquet flooring.

What if the outcome of cleaning process do not meet my expectations?

We value customer satisfaction as our top priority. Please let us know if you're not satisfied with the services, we'll do everything and make sure that you're happy with our cleaning service.

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